About the Lane County Scanner Guide

The Lane County Scanner Guide is a publication that started in the fall of 1992 and is now heading into its 6th year of publication. In its first year, the book began with 94 pages of primarily Lane County, Oregon frequencies, but also contained a state wide listing for the Oregon State Police. 

In 1993, the guide grew to 105 pages of information adding state highway frequencies, a state wide sheriffs map, new improved format for local agencies, US government and some other minor improvements. 

The 1994 issue saw more growth adding state forestry, a state wide map for Oregon State Police and a local fire station map, growing to a total of 108 pages. 

Expanding to 112 pages in 1995, the new addition saw no new major changes, with the exception of sub-audible tones. 

The 1996 edition jumped to 124 pages of information, including a new state wide police section, updated Eugene Police beat map and a newer much easier to read format. 

The 1997 edition has risen to 136 pages. It now includes an "Entertainment In Oregon" section which features frequencies for casinos, wildlife parks, zoos, etc. 

The 1998 edition is no longer available. It climbed up a few more pages to 141. A lot of new entries that year.

There will be no 1999 edition for sale. However, I am close to providing the entire book in PDF form online. Look for it soon. The reason it's no longer available is it just became too much work getting it printed. I got tired of fighting my printer to get it done right.

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