Springfield Police Scramble Full Time

Note: Although technically they are not scrambling, by going to digital
mode they have effectively scrambled their transmissions from
normal scanner radios. Which was probably their intent anyways.

October 9, 1996
Springfield, Oregon

The Springfield police department began full time digital encryption of its radio channels today. Springfield has effectively shut out thousands of upstanding citizens from monitoring their radio traffic. Not to mention outside police agencies such as the Oregon State Police, the Lane County Sheriff and the City of Eugene. Others such as volunteer fire fighters, neighborhood watch teams, REACT members and other civic minded people will also be shut out. The major local newspaper was given the opportunity to purchase a monitoring radio, but apparently declined due to the outrageous cost of the unit. Again, the people are shut out. What are the Springfield police hiding? Springfield is the only known location within the state of Oregon at this time to totally shut out citizens from monitoring their transmissions.

The Lane County Sheriff's office has had digital scrambling capability for several years, however they chose to use their system wisely. Only the most sensitive information is scrambled leaving the normal day to day radio traffic in the clear. Many a citizen has helped out the local agencies by hearing details of wanted subjects and then calling in to assist with the location.

Why did Springfield hide the fact that they were going digital? Only a few days ago, local media was informed of the change and the opportunity to purchase monitoring radios. When Springfield announced they were spending nearly $800,000 for radio improvements a few months ago, they never indicated they planned on shutting the public out. Why?

If you would like to voice your opinion, please call the Springfield Police Department at 541-726-3729. Or you may write to them at 344 A Street, Springfield, OR 97477.

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